Director / Crypto Advisor

Truman Chan

Truman Chan entered the crypto rabbithole in late 2019 during the opening of the Eth2 staking contract. He has since dove deep into on-chain analytics, decentralized finance, as well as NFT's. He brings a background of IT, Software Development, and Business Economics to the table. He currently follows developments on the Eth, Solana, Avax, Luna, and Atom ecosystems. Some of his favorite web3 moments to date include ConstitutionDao, the ENS airdrop, and the LooksRare airdrop.


Peter Huynh

Peter Huynh is a passionate and experienced crypto investor who invested in the space in 2013. He was a Mt. Gox user who learned the important lessons on self custody. As an early user he has seen the problems that have hindered growth and adoption and the breakthroughs that have been developed in response. He is excited for the growth of NFTs, DAOs, metaverse and how the ownership of digital goods will affect user behavior in the future.

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