Bridging the Divide Between Wall Street and Crypto

We partner with entrepreneurs and companies to help them execute and speed up their growth. Having been both entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we have built an expert network of high-caliber professionals and have done a wide range of deals spanning multiple industries and disciplines.

Although we are industry agnostic, our interests and deal flow focuses on pre-IPO, private equity, and crypto/fintech.

Our expertise lies within financial structuring, capital raising, and crypto. Our goal: To bridge the gap between Wall Street and crypto.



We are very passionate about everything crypto. We sift through the noise and find exciting and sustainable opportunities within the space. We believe anything is possible as long as we think outside the box.

Capital Raising

We have a strong network of sophisticated and strategic investors in the family office space, HNW, and institutions.

Due Diligence

Our team comes from a background of research and due diligence. We provide an extra layer of expertise and risk oversight for any company looking at an investment opportunity.

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